CIBAFI's Global Islamic Bankers' Survey 2021


In succession to 5 editions of the Global Islamic Bankers’ Survey Report (GIBS), CIBAFI is pleased to present its 6th GIBS Report aiming to measure the pulse of the industry and monitor Islamic bankers’ perspectives on the future of the industry in the coming years.

This year’s GIBS report is a special edition celebrating CIBAFI’s 20th Anniversary, focusing on the theme of ‘Islamic Banking Sector: A Look into the Future’. It explores the current state of the Islamic banking sector and the key trends that are bound to shape its future. The report also features special articles from renowned industry experts and leaders sharing their unique perspectives on the future of the sector.

GIBS 2021 presents the views of 100 Heads of Islamic banks from 33 different countries.

The survey is grouped into three main parts:

  • Islamic Banking Confidence Index
  • Islamic Banking Risk Dashboard
  • Future Landscape of Islamic Banking Sector

CIBAFI PDGCIBAFI GIBS 2021 - Executive Summary

CIBAFI PDGCIBAFI's Global Islamic Bankers' Survey 2021

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