CIBAFI Global Takaful Survey 2018


CIBAFI is pleased to present its inaugural Global Takaful Survey 2018 report which demonstrates the present state of the Takaful industry, how it sees itself currently in the face of challenges and opportunities, and how it expects to face them in the future.

This inaugural Global Takaful Survey 2018 report reflects the perspectives of the heads of 55 Takaful companies from 24 countries global.

The report comprises four sections:

  • The first is Takaful Confidence Index;
  • The second section is Takaful Risk Dashboard;
  • The third section focuses on Takaful Growth Monitors; and
  • The final section presents Financial Technology and its Impact on Takaful.

CIBAFI believes this inaugural Global Takaful survey 2018 report will be a guiding force in providing important inputs to the industry helping to formulate success strategies and strengthen the Takaful industry for the future.

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