Other Reports

Along with our annual publications, briefings and other reports, CIBAFI has also published a number of publications and papers to cover some emerging issues, countries’ outlooks, and the status of Islamic finance globally, these include:

CIBAFI, together with the Islamic Development Bank (IDB) – Islamic Financial Services Department, organised a two-day Roundtable Meeting for executives and senior management of Islamic banks on 23 – 24 February 2015. The Roundtable aimed at facilitating discussions among industry experts and leaders on recent opportunities and challenges in the area of internationalisation of Islamic Financial Institutions (IFIs), and providing a common platform for sharing best practices and strategies in the area of international operations.

This Report summarises the key points made during the Roundtable and identifies priorities and action items that will enable IFIs to fulfil their desire to deepen and widen their international operations. The Report synthesises the presentations and the discussions among participants at the Roundtable and includes additional material subsequently submitted by the speakers.

CIBAFI issued financial performance reports for member counties. These reports are issued in collaboration with Thomson Reuters (TR) and the Islamic Research & Training Institute (IRTI) and are designed to provide a spectrum of primary insights and information about countries developing Islamic finance and those who already have Islamic finance industries. 

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