Ithmaar Bank opens new digitally-focused branch in Arad


Ithmaar Bank, a Bahrain-based Islamic retail bank that owns and operates the largest Islamic retail banking network in the Kingdom, inaugurated a new branch in Arad.

It is the second full-service, digitally-focused branch to be inaugurated by Ithmaar Bank in the past two months, and underscores the Bank’s ongoing commitment to enhancing its Islamic banking offering and growing closer to its customers. The new branches – the new Main Branch in Seef Mall and the new Arad Branch – both feature sophisticated technology, including self-service banking machines, next-generation Automated Teller Machines (ATM) and other new branch automation and customer service solutions.

The new Arad Branch was inaugurated by Ithmaar Bank Chief Executive Officer, Ahmed Abdul Rahim, in the presence of Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Abdul Hakeem Al Mutawa, General Manager – Retail Banking Group, Mohammed Janahi, and General Manager – Information Technology and Banking Operations, Yusuf Alkhan, in addition to several Bank officials and branch customers.

“The new Arad branch is now the second in our retail banking network to feature the Bank’s unique, highly sophisticated self-service banking machine,” said Abdul Rahim. “This highlights our commitment to developing and implementing cutting-edge technology to further enhance our customers’ banking experience,” he said.

In October, Ithmaar Bank inaugurated it new Main Branch in Seef Mall, effectively moving its Main Branch form Seef Tower to Seef Mall nearby. The new Main Branch, located near Gate No. 10, was designed with a fresh, new look and feel and advanced technologies to provide an enhanced banking experience for customers. In June last year, the Bank announced the opening of a new branch in Hamad Town, where the Hamala branch was moved to a new, better and more accessible location with more parking spaces. Ithmaar Bank’s branch network currently consists of 13 branches and 38 ATMs located in strategic locations throughout the Kingdom of Bahrain.

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