CIBAFI is an international non-profit organization founded in 2001 by the Islamic Development Bank (IDB) and a number of leading Islamic financial institutions. CIBAFI is affiliated with the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC).

      CIBAFI represents the Islamic financial services industry globally, defending and promoting its role, consolidating co-operation among its members, and with other institutions with similar interests and objectives.

      With over 130 members from more than 34 jurisdictions from all around the world, CIBAFI is recognised as a key piece in the international architecture of Islamic finance.

      Its mission is to support the Islamic financial services industry as the leading industry voice in advocating regulatory, financial and economic policies that are in the broad interest of its members and that foster the development of the Islamic financial services industry and sound industry practice.

      CIBAFI is guided by its Strategic Objectives, which are 1) Advocacy of Islamic Finance Values and related Policies & Regulations; 2) Research and Innovation; and 3) Training and Professional Empowerment.

    Membership Benefits

      CIBAFI membership provides its members the opportunity to participate on key events concerning the Islamic finance industry such as conferences, roundtable meetings, and closed discussions. These will facilitate sharing experiences and practices among other members in regards to the latest emerging issues affecting the Islamic financial services industry.

      Being the global umbrella for Islamic financial institutions, CIBAFI will positively engage with policy makers from key governments in the form of advocating the comments of its members, as well as improve the Islamic finance industry through promoting the best practices of the industry.

      Members will have the access to CIBAFI database including country reports, briefings, newsletter, CIBAFI news, and industry news. Members will also have exclusive tailored offers on CIBAFI professional development programs.

    Advocacy of Islamic finance Values and related Policies & Regulations

    • Opportunities to build a network with Islamic finance senior policy makers, regulatory and supervisory authorities.
    • Participate in the industry decision making through CIBAFI platforms, which serves as the industry voice in addressing regulatory developments at both jurisdiction andInternational level.
    • Access the policy recommendations sent to regulators on our members’ zone.

    Research and Innovation

    • Receive country report on various emerging issues facing the Islamic financial services industry around the world.
    • Receive latest briefing and newsletter presenting the Islamic finance industry’s trends on key emerging Islamic finance development around the world.
    • Be eligible to receive hard copies of all CIBAFI publications upon request.

    Training and Professional Empowerment

    • Get free seats for 2 representatives from your organization to participate in CIBAFI Technical Workshops.
    • Special membership discount for Executive Programmes provided by CIBAFI.
    • Special membership discount for Professional Certifications provided by CIBAFI.
    • Special membership discount for Technical Workshops provided by CIBAFI.

Our Members