Industry Research


As the voice of the Islamic finance industry and its advocate, we believe it is important that we ‘take the pulse’ of the Islamic financial services industry (IFSI) and track and monitor all its constituents. In line with this, CIBAFI publishes periodic reports that study the various sectors of the IFSI, including Islamic banking, Takaful (Islamic insurance), and Islamic capital markets. These reports aim to monitor industry practitioners’ perspectives towards the prospects of each industry through in-depth and wide surveys, providing key recommendations that are of high relevance to each industry’s needs.

These reports include:

- CIBAFI Global Islamic Bankers’ Survey (GIBS) Report, an annual publication that monitors Islamic bankers’ perspectives towards the Islamic financial services industry on the year-by-year basis. The report measures how optimistic Islamic bankers are about the future of the industry; identifies the greatest risks they are facing; measures how they are approaching some specific aspects of Islamic financing activities; and how they are addressing – and overcoming – the challenges that they face. Each survey has a unique theme that gives focus to a specific issue that is important to Islamic banks.

In addition, CIBAFI publishes its Global Takaful Survey (GTS) Report.

CIBAFI’s GTS Report measures the pulse of the Takaful industry and provides collective feedback on the risks, challenges and potential opportunities the sector holds. It provides a first-hand source of industry intelligence and information, identifying the elements in paving the way for future growth and development of the Takaful industry.

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