About Professional Development

Human capital development represents the key to face the different trends with significant implications on the financial sector in general and the Islamic financial sector, in particular. Contributing to the growth of Islamic finance needs professionals with competencies and skills in different areas affecting this growth while adhering to the ethics and the core principles of Islamic finance. Therefore, CIBAFI works through several initiatives to equip the industry professionals, from different backgrounds and seniority levels, with the necessary expertise to be an asset to the IFIs.


  • Our mission is to raise the professional level of employees in the Islamic finance industry through the development of standards and rules that govern training, and accreditation of training institutions, trainers, and training programmes.
  • Offering technical workshops and programmes on Islamic finance to different stakeholders.
  • Empowering youth and women in the IFSI through skill and knowledge development.
  • Embedding emerging trends and developments within training and professional empowerment initiatives.
  • Adopting innovative methods in delivering training programmes.


Our Members