• 30 Dec

    Growing Prosperity: High-tech farming to reshape Islamic Investments

    US based FreshBox Farms aspires to provide sustainable and quality based high-tech Islamic leasing investment solutions for the Middle Eastern and Asian markets and announces the appointment of Shariyah Review Bureau (SRB) for managing its Sharia compliance

    Headquartered in Massachusetts, FreshBox, an entrepreneurial company that develops digitally controlled farming innovations, will offer corporate customers and high-net worth individuals, Sharia-compliant leasing plans and individually tailored investment packages. Commenting on the launch, CEO of FreshBox Farms, Sonia Lo says, "Our high-tech growing containers are the world's undisputed leader of sustainable agricultural production. One key factor for this achievement has been our focus on continuously improving our high-tech growing protocols. Our precision-farming technology uses big data analysis for every single plant, allowing us to optimize the consumption of variable-rate applications such as water, seeding and fertilizers. Our 320 sq ft (29 sq m) containers use less than 1/2500th the water of conventional agriculture and produce the equivalent yield of up to 20 acres of farmland."

    Speaking about the need for offering Islamic financial investments she adds, "we listen carefully to our customers everywhere in the world with the goal of creating life-long relationships. It is in this context of understanding our customers' needs that we have decided to offer Sharia compliant investment packages to customers and investors globally. Our investment will offer specialized opportunities regarding Islamic leasing and Sharia compliant unit deals."

    On the assignment of SRB, Sonia comments, "SRB is ranked as one of the most valuable Sharia Advisory brands in the Islamic financial world. With an impressive international portfolio of clients they deliver exceptional and consistent Sharia Consultation and Certification experience irrespective of country or platform. As our trusted Sharia Advisor we look forward to working with them and assisting customers achieve their Islamic financial goals."

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