• 16 May

    KFH-Bahrain launches Jazeel, the digital platform with a new banking experience

    Kuwait Finance House–Bahrain (KFH-Bahrain), one of the leading Islamic banks in the Kingdom and an integral contributor to the evolution of Bahrain’s Islamic Financial sector, has announced the launch of its brand new product, ‘Jazeel’. ‘Jazeel’ is a digital account opening and community based platform in the Kingdom of Bahrain and GCC countries.

    In line with the Bank’s FinTech strategy, Jazeel will allow customers across the Kingdom, and eventually in the GCC, to not only open a Mudaraba-based savings account, Libshara account, transactional features and many other facilities and services. With Jazeel, the Bank introduces a fully digitized E-KYC (electronic Know-Your-Customer) process where in all customer information validation will be done online via video conferencing through the application. Jazeel enables customers to open the account within minutes, without having to visit a branch.

    Through its slogan ‘Banking to do good’; ‘Jazeel’ aims to reward its community members with first-of-its-kind socially responsible features, revolving around self-development, education and healthcare. The community features are part of the many additional exciting services that will be on offer in the near future.

    The platform provides a number of specialized custom-made features including forensic documents analysis, digital documents scanning including signature, facial recognition, selfie checks, create digital identity and many more. These features allow for the ‘genuine verification’ of the documents scanned by the customer, via the application, in the real time mode and can immediately alert the Bank of any tampering with the same. ‘Jazeel’ is currently available in Google Play Store and Apple App Store.


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