• 06 Jul

    Bahrain to host 3rd Joint CIBAFI – Ivey Business School Executive Programme

    General Council of Islamic Banks and Financial Institutions, the umbrella of Islamic financial institutions, together with the Ivey Business School, are set to organize a third series of join Executive Programmes for C- suit Executives on 7 - 8  November 2017 in Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain. 

    Following the successful execution of the two joint Executive Programmes in 2015 and 2016, this 2017 Executive programme continues the successful collaboration between CIBAFI and Ivey Business School to deliver a world class and highly interactive learning experience for Islamic Financial Institutions (IFIs) Executives in the domain of strategic thinking, corporate entrepreneurship, and leadership development in face of organizational change.

    This programme begins with a practical deep-dive into application of strategic thinking, which is crucial for development of business leaders in this rapidly changing and uncertain world. The final segment on the other hand addresses a corporate entrepreneur’s dilemma that, to be successful, he/she must not only perform well on the business front, but also be able to navigate the complex organizational landscape and politics that can make or break the new initiative. In that context, the participants will be taken on a journey of leading strategic change and leadership growth regarding execution of a major and potential disruptive strategy.

    By the end of the programme participants will be entitled to receive joint certificate of attendance from CIBAFI & Ivey Business School.

    Commenting on the Programme Mr. Abdelilah Belatik, Secretary General of CIBAFI said: “We are very pleased to offer this unique programme to senior management in the IFIs. Last two years the programme received remarkable feedback from its delegates and we are delighted to be offering this type of programmes on yearly basis to our members, as well as in-house for our member banks. Through the unique case study learning method, participants will be put in the shoes of decision-makers, struggling with real challenges, incomplete or too much information, time limits, people issues and resource constraints. Participants develop a set of skills to effectively analyze issues, develop strategies and execute plans successfully. Leveraging on this renowned application driven case learning approach, this programme is a useful forum for stepping back from the daily business to take a broader and more strategic look at the organization and industry, in order to drive sustainable performance and future growth.”




    Adding to this, Professor Chris WH Chan, Associate Dean, of Ivey Business School said: “The Ivey learning approach is based on learn-by-doing, not just learn-by-listening. What executives truly need is experiential and intuitive, which is something we call the Ivey Learning Experience. The Experience is carefully orchestrated to mirror tailored decision-making processes, is particularly effective when executives are challenged by rapid and exponential changes in business, and must therefore be strategic, entrepreneurial, agile, and be change catalysts in such a fluid environment.”



    This Executive Programme will be organised by CIBAFI and is aligned with its organisation’s larger strategic plan to promote and facilitate the growth of Islamic Finance. In addition, CIBAFI continues to support the Islamic Financial Services Industry through various activities and initiatives. These include providing industry stakeholders with a platform to discuss emerging issues,policy and regulatory advocacy initiatives, representing the industry at major global financial events, and sharing knowledge through specialized publications and comprehensive training programmes.

    A special early bird rate is available until 13th July 2017, registration is however based on profile suitability for the programme, please contact CIBAFI Secretariat for more details:events@cibafi.org  or +973 17357300.


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